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Juice Newton.Net The Official Site is the place to find Juice Newton’s discography and studio recordings. From her renowned solo breakout album, Juice (1981) to Quiet Lies (1982) and Old Flame (1985), you’ll find Juice Newton albums listed here. Most titles are available on iTunes and Amazon.com.  Click the album titles in red to watch a video about the album.

Juice Newton Album Titles:

External link opens in new tab or windowJuice Newton & Silver Spur
RCA Records 1975
After The Dust Settles
RCA Records 1976
Come to Me
Capitol Records 1977
External link opens in new tab or windowWell Kept Secret
Capitol Records 1978
Take Heart
Capitol Records 1979
Capitol Records 1981
Quiet Lies
Capitol Records 1982
Dirty Looks
Capitol Records 1983
Greatest Hits
Capital Records 1984
Can't Wait All Night
RCA Records 1984
External link opens in new tab or windowOld Flame
RCA Records 1985
RCA Records 1987
Ain't Gonna Cry
RCA Records 1989
The Trouble With Angels
Rivernorth Records 1998
American Girl
Renaissance Records 1999
Every Road Leads Back to You
Image Records 2001
American Girl Vol 2
OJ Records 2006
Gift of Christmas
OJ Records 2007
Duets Friends and Memories
FUEL Records 2010

Compilations Titles

The Ultimate Hits Collection
Fuel Records 2011
Pair Records 1994
All American Country
BMG 2003
Renaissance 1998
Greatest Country Hits
Curb Records 1990
Juice Newton & Silver Spur The Early Years
RCA 1992
RCA 1991
Lassos 'n Spurs
RCA 1991
The Collection
Madacy 2003
The Best of Juice Newton
Artemis 2005
Juice/Quiet Lies/Dirty Looks - CD SetBGO 2015
Come To Me/Well Kept Secret/Take Heart - CD SetBGO 2017
Can't Wait All Night/Old Flame/Emotion - CD SetBGO 2015
Old Flame/Dirty Looks CD Set
Raven 2007
Greatest Hits
CEMA 1991
Country Classics
EMI Gold Imports 2002
Golden Legends
Madacy 2006

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